University at Buffalo UNIX Remote Access Facility

Access for a Week

From the non-UB location you want to register and to access UBUnix for one week or less, enter your UBITName in the box and click Go.

Username: ------>

From Other Locations or Longer than a Week

The default host address shown below has been automatically detected from you current location. Access will be permitted from that addre ss plus a range of similar addresses if you use different machines at your non-UB location.

You can change the IP address displayed. Each of the 4 fields in the address must contain a number between 1 and 255, except for the last field. Leave the last field blank (not zero) to specify a network address instead of a host address.

Enter your UBITName and change the IP address fields if desired before clicking Go (above).

I need access for week(s) from address . . .

[start over]

For further technical assistance, please contact:

UBIT Help Center
Lockwood 2nd Floor Cybrary
(716) 645-3542